Woolly Pockets Recycled Planters

Woolly Pockets Recycled PlantersWoolly Pockets are eco friendly soft-sided, flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers for indoor or outdoor gardening. Create a garden where ever you have space, even if its vertical! Just hang, plant, and water and let woolly Pockets nurture your garden.

More than just an garden planter, Woolly Pocket is available as a modular vertical garden container system for walls (Wally), a modular horizontal garden system for flat surfaces (Meadow) and as a freestanding island garden container (Tina, Lana, Steve and Brian). The Woolly Pocket Vertical Gardening System is completely modular and available in a single pocket, a row of 3 pockets or a row of 5 pockets. They are easy to install, rearrange and to maintain than traditional garden planter containers.

Woolly Pockets with water-proof linings keep your walls and furniture dry while their breathable sides allow the soil to aerate naturally, reducing the need to drain the containers and helping to conserve water. Secondly, using Woolly Pockets promotes air pruning, a natural process where plant roots stop their own growth when they sense they’ve reached the limits of their space. This keeps the roots healthy and prevents plants from becoming root-bound by growing in continuing circles as they do in non-breathable containers such as clay pots. Lightweight Woolly Pockets can also be folded flat for easy storage. All pockets are made in in the USA of a breathable felt from 100% recycled materials (usually from plastic bottles) and has a built-in moisture barrier liner made from 60% recycled materials. Each Woolly Pocket is also stitched together by hand using a double lock stitch and strong, UV-resistant nylon thread.

Hang Woolly Pockets soft-sided, recycled gardening containers inside or out, and transform your home with style into a living, breathing, vertical garden oasis!
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Woolly Pockets Brian 10-Sided Recycled Brown Felt Planter

Woolly Pockets Brian 10-Sided Recycled Brown Felt Planter

Brian is a striking Woolly Pocket free standing island planter with zippers made of a breathable felt from 100% recycled plastic bottles and has a...

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