Private Preserve Wine Saver Case of 12 Cans

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Private Preserve Wine Saver is a cocktail of inert gas for wine preservation. Now you can save an opened bottle of wine to enjoy several days later by blanketing your wine with Private Preserve, a combination of inert, heavy heavy gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon) that protects your wine from oxygen. Private Preserve contains no CFC's and is environmentally safe to use. The advantage of using Private Preserve Wine Preserver over a vacuum wine pump is that there is no loss of the wine's bouquet, which would be pumped out with the air when using a vacuum pump. Private Preserve is regarded by many many well known wine critics as the best wine preservation system and is easy to use. Also protects wine, port, sherry, sake, cognac, single malt Scotch, oils, vinegars for up to several days, weeks or possibly months in some cases. This offer includes one case of 12 cans.

4 easy steps to preserving your wine's freshness with Private Preserve:

1) Insert included tube securely into nozzle with a twisting motion.

2) Place the tip of the tube into the neck of the bottle midway down and against the glass.

3) Have cork or stopper ready on top of bottle resting against the tube.

4) Spray for 1/2 of a second followed quickly by 4 shorter bursts, then quickly pull the tube out and insert cork or stopper into the bottle.