Nuance Wine Finer Aerator & Stopper with Flat Top

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This elegant design by Marcus Vagnby for Nuance of Denmark is a real break through in the wine aerator market. The amazing Wine Finer with Flat Top fills four functions in a single unit: strainer, aerator, non-drip pourer and stopper. Aeration is the process that allows oxygen to freely mix with a wine, enhancing the wine's subtle aroma and flavor.

In just 30 seconds you can decant a whole bottle of red wine while pouring it into the glasses. The elegant Wine Finer with Flat Top pourer filters out all sediments, pieces of cork and tartar, while a rushing sound of bubbles indicates an efficient oxidizing process, which is as efficient as decanting. The drip catcher with stainless steel edge ensures that not a drop is spilled, instead the wine runs back into the bottle while the snug-fitting lid keeps any leftover wine fresh for 12 - 24 hours. The Nuance Wine Finer's body is made of solid silicon, is dishwasher safe and comes in an attractive gift box. Makes a great gift for any wine lover.

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Nuance Wine Finer Aerator & Stopper with Flat Top
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