Corkcicle Wine Chiller 2-Pack

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CORKCICLE - For perfect wine!

Now there is finally a simple user friendly solution for keeping wine at right temperature. Lose the ice bucket which frequently makes wine much too cold! Corkcicle keeps your white or red wine at the perfect temperature from the inside of the bottle.  Corkcicle can maintain your wine at a balanced temperature for over 45 minutes to insure maximum enjoyment of your wine. Non-toxic and BPA-free, the Corkcicle is also reusable. Includes 2 Corkcicle wine chillers.

To use simply:

1. Remove Corkcicle from its box.

2. Place Corkcicle in the freezer.

3. Insert frozen Corkcicle into a chilled bottle of white wine or a room temperature bottle of red wine.

4. Afterwards, wash, refreeze and reuse.

Corkcicle yields perfect results, is so easy to use for both white wine and red wine that we recommend it over other wine chilling solutions currently on the market and at half the price of the popular Ravi wine chiller, the Corkcicle is the "hands down" winner! Corkcicle also makes a great gift, but be sure to get at least one for yourself.

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Corkcicle Wine Chiller 2-Pack
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