Marna White Piggy Silicone Steamer 6.9" (17.5 cm) Otoshibuta

Price: $17.59


Marna, Inc. products enrich your everyday life and nowhere is their Design for Smile moto more evident than with their FDA approved silicone Piggy Steamers (otoshibuta) which is every steamer's dream and sure to get a chuckle. This pig-nosed silicone circle is an Otoshibuta and also a play on words in Japanese. Otoshi means "drop" in Japanese and Buta means either "lid" or "pig". Simply drop the Piggy Steamer on top of something you are poaching or pan frying to both steam the food and at the same time prevent it from curling or moving around. The design of the pig's nostrils are also functional, allowing for cooking steam to escape and for easy lifting and removal with a pair of chop sticks. The Using the Piggy Steamer (Otoshibuta) results in great taste and lots of smiles.

The Piggy Steamer can also be used  instead of plastic wrap for preserving left overs in a bowl or even as a jar opener thanks to the flexible grippy texture of the Silicone Piggy Steamer.

• Made of FDA approved silicone.
• Saves on Plastic Wrap, as the Piggy Steamer can be reused and reused and reused as a lid.
• Can also double as a jar opener.
• Safe for microwave, refrigerator and top rack dishwasher.

Includes one regular sized White Piggy Steamer measuring approximately 6.9" 17.5 cm. Perfect gift for anyone that likes to steam.

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Marna White Piggy Silicone Steamer 6.9\" (17.5 cm) Otoshibuta
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Marna White Piggy Silicone Steamer 6.9\" (17.5 cm) Otoshibuta
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