Charles Viancin Med Blue Snowflake Lid 9" 2702

Price: $9.99


Just Arrived!

The New Medium 9" Snowflake Silicone Lid in blue is a beautiful solution to holiday entertaining, keeping your leftovers fresh and microwave oven clean.

• Made of FDA approved food safe silicone.
• Seals tight on all smooth rims: stainless steel, glass, plastic, melamine.
• Prevents Spills, as the Snowflake Lid creates an airtight, watertight seal for reheating and storing.
• Saves on Plastic Wrap, as the Snowflake Lid can be reused over and over again.
• Safe for oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Each lid is shaped like a snowflake, its smooth undersides adhering to almost any type or brand of cookware with diameters 8 1/2 inches or smaller. With a form inspired by nature, the Snowflake Lid lets the light in and works with most material surfaces including stainless steel, glass, plastic and more. This offer includes one 9" Blue Snowflake Silicone Suction Lid perfect for all entertaining or as a gift. In stock for immediate delivery!