Organic Hogwash 8 oz Trigger Spray Bottle (Hb8)

Price: $12.49


Organic Hogwash 8 oz bottle with a trigger spray top is a hypoallergenic industrial strength order neutralizer that is so safe and gentle that it can even be inhaled, making it safe to use around people and animals, even children and small birds. Simple spray at the odor and repeat as needed to stop all odors in autos, bathrooms, carpets, shoes, sports equipment, kitchen, home and office. Hypoallergenic Hogwash also works great at stopping odors from pets, smoking and drinking. Odorless Hogwash is NOT an odor masking agent or perfume that replaces the odor with a smell.

Organic Hogwash stops all odors on contact easily, quickly and safely.
Use Hogwash for natural odor removal. The science inside makes it biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non toxic, non staining on fabrics, earth friendly, fast, and safe for people and pets alike.

Hogwash gets its name from one of its original industrial uses in neutralizing odors on hog farms. Now available to the consumer in 3 convenient sizes for your purse, auto, home, office and when traveling.