Husque Wax Platter / Tray - Orange Flare

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New from Husque, the Husque Wax Platter, inspired by the macadamia nut, has a smooth hand rubbed satin finish exterior with a striking polished black interior mirror finish. Fine speckles of macadamia are visible through the bowl's rich brown semi-translucent base. Because of its natural origin, practical size and beautiful aesthetic, the Husque Wax Tray makes a stunning gift for any occasion. Goes great with Husque small or medium Baupel Bowls. Comes in recycled packaging with the story behind the design.

Dimensions: H 60cm x W 28.5cm x L 38.5cm. Boxed: H 75cm x W 30.5cm x L 41.5cm.

Material: Made of recycled macadamia shells and polymer composite

Care: Use with cold foods only and hand wash with warm soapy water