Husque Frag Platter Server - Super White

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Macadamia Shell Frag Platter Server by Husque

Inspired by the macadamia nut shell's natural state, the Frag Platter Server's exterior has a smooth, satin finish, hand rubbed with macadamia oil, while the inside is polished to a mirror gloss finish. The rich brown base is semi-translucent and holds fine speckles of macadamia shell. The elongated shape is inspired by macadamias and their shells and creates an original centerpiece. Frag is also available in orange and yellow internal lining colors. This wonderful eco-friendly furniture accessory comes in recycled packaging with the story behind the design. Dimensions:áH 3.3" x W 7.1" x L 16.1". Material: Made of recycled macadamia shells and polymer composite.

Care: Use with cold foods only and hand wash with warm soapy water