Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glasses

Govino  Go Anywhere Wine Glasses

Govino - the elegant recyclable BPA free go anywhere wine glass - you will never have to drink good wine out of a bad glass again!

Govino shatterproof stemless wine glasses perform like crystal, reflecting the wine's color and aromatics that are perfect for gatherings large or small, anytime and anywhere. Govino has an elegance and functionality that is the envy of many fine crystal wine glasses.

The BPA free govino wine glass is also reusable, shatterproof and recyclable! Made of a proprietary foodsafe polymer, Govino stemless glass measures - Width: 3.3 inches Height: 4.4 inches Mouth: 2.5 inches Volume: 6 ounces up to the thumb notch and 16 ounces up to the brim.

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