Pearlstring Necklace, Silver Round Bar with White Pearls-M

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Finally, pearl necklace flexible enough for today's woman - the Pearlstring Necklace by the German jewelry designer Gisela Kulling is an exciting necklace so revolutionary that it changes its appearance to fit your fashion needs. Pearlstring can be worn symmetrically or asymmetrically with one pearl on your shoulder or over your shoulder and the other pearl falling where a pearl pendant might normally fall. The positioning of the pearls on the Pearlstring necklace is adjustable so you control the look. Modern, but so simple and clean in design that it can be worn with anything from a classic evening gown to a sweater and jeans. Includes one size medium 79 cm long Pearlstring necklace with 4 mm diameter matte sterling silver bar and white pearls. Pearlstring necklaces are available in square or round shapes, finished in either sterling silver or gold with white or dark pearls. Please contact us directly if you would like learn more about Pearlstring or are interested in a custom order.