Fiori Earrings Glitter

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Technology and Design merge rich hues with silver to form a new element. Sabido & Basteris have created a new category of jewelry that applies the latest technology to convert fine silver 99.9% pure into colored silver threads, called Argento SB, that form rainbows when woven or braided.

These vivid Fiori Glitter Earrings in black, silver and gold from the Sabido & Basteris Fiori D'Argento Collection are exquisite pieces of jewelry that are so versatile that they can be comfortably worn casually everyday or as eye catching pieces at a special formal event. Matching Fiori Glitter Necklace and Fiori Glitter Ring are also available. Made of 99.9% pure recycled silver. Available as post earrings. PLEASE NOTE: For health reasons all earring sales are final and non-refundable.

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