S&B Filo Abundance Necklace in Pink and Orange

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Technology and Design merge rich hues with silver to form a new element. Sabido & Basteris have created a new category of jewelry that applies the latest technology to convert fine silver 99.9% pure into colored silver threads, called Argento SB, that form rainbows when woven or braided.

This vivid Pink and Orange Abundance Necklace with Silver Filigree from the Sabido & Basteris Filo D'Argento Collection is an exquisite "one of a kind "piece of jewelry that is sure to bring attention at any event. Includes 22 strands Argento SB 99.99% Sterling Silver, 12 pink strands and 10 orange strands adorn with 22 beautiful sterling silver filigree. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery of this item.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about about this piece or about custom designed orders for Sabido & Basteris jewelry.
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S&B Filo Abundance Necklace in Pink and Orange
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