Shot Glass Frosted in Wood Gift Box from Eternal Glass

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This beautiful small glass makes makes every toast perfect!

Winner of the Good Design award. Each Eternal Glass is carefully handmade one at a time in Japan andácomes beautifully packaged in its own wood gift box. Includes one frosted shot glass in a wood gift box. Also available in clear glass.

If your Eternal Glass breaks at any time in your lifetime, Wired Beans, Inc. will replace it for you with a new one. Just place the broken pieces of your precious glass in its wooden box and send it back to Focus America Corporation, the US distributor for Wired Beans (see address below). The pieces of broken glass will be recycled and used as raw material for new glasses.

For replacement, send broken Eternal Glass to:

Focus America Corporation
501 Fith Avenue, Suite 1809,
New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel: 646 545-4698