Pocket for iPhone in SS and Black Leather

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The pocket for the iPhone by Wendy Stevens is made of etched stainless steel, with black leather gussets and strap is worn across the body with a slim profile. At 2.75" x 4.75" x 6.25" inches, it is an ideal accessory for those who need to carry their iPhone or smart phone and don't have pockets. Also available in an off-white leather, as well as, a black powdered stainless steel lace with leather versions. Comes with a protective cloth bag for storage complete in an attractive gift box. In stock for immediate delivery.

Exquisitely designed and crafted Wendy Stevens stainless steel handbags clutches, purses and pockets for iPhones can be whimsical, dainty, sleek and classic, but always garner attention.

Wendy Stevens grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, home to U.S. Steel, but it was first after moving to NYC, that she was inspired by the sheet metal all around her. Since stepping on to the East Village Art scene in the 1980's, Wendy's works have evolved to where they can now be described asásui jeneris. "There's no reference point for it, in a way," Wendy says. "It's design, fashion, craft. It crosses borders - like I like to do."

We are very pleased to be able to offer these exquisite works of art, which are designed and crafted to give many years of wear and enjoyment.
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Pocket for iPhone in SS and Black Leather
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