AIAIAI Pipe Earphones (Headphones) - CMYK

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The Pipe Earphone are stylish earbuds from Denmark, featuring a simple, more delicate and organic design than other models from AIAIAI. Sound quality is fine tuned by C4 Studios and offers a full-spectrum from the deepest bass to high-frequency tones. The sleeves are designed to deliver external noise reduction for clearer sound at safer volume levels and a choice of soft-foam or latex sleeves are designed for in-ear comfort and full grip. These earphones come with three sets of sleeves for an accurate fit and external noise reduction.

Driver unit size: 9 mm
Impedance: 16 ohm
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW at 1K Hz
Frequency Respons: 20-20K Hz
Rated power input: 4 mW
Maximum power input: 20 mW

Comes in transparent color and packaged in a clear pipe / tube. Also available in other colors.