Filtron 30LD Deluxe Cold Water Coffee Brewing System

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Brew Great Coffee With Reduced Natural Acidity Using the Original Cold Water Brewing System by Filtron

Coffee can often be harshly acidic for sensitive stomachs. Filtron 30LD cold water coffee makers concentrate coffee into "coffee essence" as Dutch settlers in Java did during the 1800s. This concentrate is low acid and creates smooth even coffee when reconstituted. This type of coffee is excellent for those of us who have stomach problems - not only is a good cup of coffee relaxing after a stressful day; the low acidity is gentle on the stomach.

The Filtron 30LD Cold Brew Coffee Maker also includes the convenient Filtron Tip-N-Pour container bottle. The handy Tip-N-Pour pre-measuring dispenser bottle makes it easy to measure exact does for a great consist strength cup of coffee each time.