Somat Miele Dishwasher Salt-Case of 8-Miele Salt Part No. B1640

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Now in a more convenient new compact 1.2 kg package with improved opening for easier use.

Henkel Somat Salt is a special salt for water softening in dishwashers. Hard water can decrease the efficiency of your dishwasher and leave mineral deposits on your dishes. Somat Salt works with your dishwasher with optimum limescale proection by preventing mineral deposits in your dishwasher jets and on your dishes. Somat special dishwasher salt by Henkel is ideally suited for use with all Miele, Fisher & Paykel and some models of Bosch dishwashers. It is therefore no surprise that for years Miele has recommended Somat special water softening salt for use with Miele dishwashers. Miele part number B1640.

Available in a case of 8 packages.