Miele Salt Part No B1640 - Somat Dishwasher Salt

Price: $6.79


Somat Salt is a special water softening salt is for Miele, or Fisher & Paykel dishwashers and some Bosch models. Tap water is often hard water - full of lime and other minerals. To keep this lime from depositing on dishes and the dishwasher some dishwashers have a water softening feature that removes this lime from the water. Somat Water Softener Salt is especially suited to clean these minerals from the water and protect the efficiency of your dishwasher. It is therefore no surprise that Miele has for years been recommending Somat for use with its Miele Dishwashers. Recommended for Miele dishwashers or Fisher & Paykel dishwashers and Bosch mdels with salt reservoirs. Miele part number B1640.