Somat5 Tabs Salt, Rinse Aid and Detergent All in 1 (Case of 6)

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Works with All Brands of Dishwashers!

Easy, convenient and cost effective - Somat5 Tabs are 3 products in 1 - Somat Special Salt for water softening in dishwashers, Somat Rinse Aid for a spotless shine on all your glasses, dishes and flatware, Somat Dishwasher Detergent, all recommended for years by Miele for use with Miele dishwashers. Save time and money with Somat5! In addition Somat5 also provides your glasses with long term protection against corrosion and now cleans effectively at temperatures as low as 104 degrees F (40 C). Just place a convenient Somat5 tab in your dishwasher's soap dispenser and turn it on. The only other product your dishwasher will ever need is the Somat dishwasher care cleaner (recommended cleaner use is once a month to prolong the life of your dishwasher, ensure its effectiveness and reduce costly maintenance service calls).

Previously only Miele or Fisher & Paykel dishwashers which have water softening reservoirs could use special water softening salt, but now thanks to Somat5 Tabs every dishwasher with with hard water can have the water softening benefit of special water softening salt. Hard water can decrease the efficiency of your dishwasher, leaving mineral deposits on your dishes or unwanted etching of your glasses. Somat5 by Henkel helps prevent mineral deposits in your dishwasher jets and on your dishes. Somat5's special dishwasher salt by Henkel is ideally suited for use with all dishwashers, including Miele dishwashers.  It is therefore no surprise that for years Miele has recommended Somat special water softening salt for use with Miele dishwashers. Somat 3 replaces all of the following Miele part numbers: Miele B1638, Miele B1639 and Miele B1640. Each package contains 28 tabs for a total of 168 tabs. Order Somat5 today and begin saving time and money!