Somat5 Tabs - Dishwasher Salt, Rinse Aid and Detergent 120 TABS

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Now every dishwasher can have soft water thanks to Somat5 Multi Tabs!

Somat5 Dishwasher Tabs (Replaces Miele part numbers B1638, B1639 andáB1640) are 3 in 1 high performance cleaning tabs that minimize spotting on your dishes, create a crystal clear shine on your dishes and prevent lime and other minerals from depositing on dishes and any dishwasher. Somat5 Tabs acts as 3 products in 1: Somat Dishwasher Water Softening Salt, Somat Rinse Aid and Somat Detergent Tabs. Somat 3 tabs work for all major dishwasher brands: Miele, Bosch, Asko, Kenmore, Electrolux, Viking, Etc. In addition, Somat5 alsoáprovides your glasses with long term protection against corrosion and now cleans effectively at temperatures as low as 104 degrees F (40 C).

All Miele dishwashers have a water softening feature that removes lime from the water. With Somat5 Tabs you don't have to own a Miele to have this water softening benefit. Somat5 also provide high powered cleaning performance that dissolves and removes stubborn stuck on food and even powers away starchy residues such as pasta. Somat5 Dishwasher Tabs feature the cleaning power you expect from Henkel. It is therefore no surprise that Miele has for years been recommending Somat for use with its Miele Dishwashers. Replaces Miele part numbers B1638, B1639 andáB1640. Contains 120 tabs per package.