Perwoll Sport Laundry Liquid Detergent 1.5 L

Price: $14.99


Perwoll Sport liquid is as active as you.

Perwoll Sport liquid detergent is specially formulated for microfibers and other fabric blends used in sports clothing. Perwoll's Deo-Effect will help keep your sports clothing fresh smelling longer. This liquid detergentá is used by althletes and sports enthusiasts throughout Europe.

Available in a 1.5 L bottle for use in wash temperatures ranging from 68-140░F (20-60░ C).

Product Features

  1. Specially formulated for sporting fabrics such as microfibers
  2. Features a powerful Deo-Effect to keep sports clothing fresher longer
  3. Powerful clean in wash temperatures ranging from 68 - 140░F