Reuseable Refills for Swiffer

Arm your Swiffer with real cleaning power that is both economical and completely safe!

Unlike Swiffer Refills which contain chemicals which may be harmful to children and pets, PerfectCLEAN Refills are hypoallergenic, chemical free, a fraction the cost of Swiffer refills per use (250 uses for less than $20.00) and cleans better than Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloths.

PerfectCLEAN Sweeper Refills for your Swiffer are a reusable commercial strength cleaning solution that "traps and removes" dirt and grime even at the microscopic level. PearfectCLEAN wipers, dusters and mops are used in many leading hospitals and are now available to the public.

PerfectCLEAN - Cleaning up the Environment One Room at a Time

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