BluDri 2 PACK - Prevent Washing Machine Mold and Oders

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2013 INNOV8 award winner!

Prevent washing machine odors due to moisture with BluDri moisture reduction system between washes. Easy to use just toss BluDri in your washer after use and remove before washing your next load. Prevents mold and mildew growth due to moisture in your washer. No moisture, no mold, no smell.

Includes 2 BluDri that can each typically be reused for up to 3-4 months.

To Use BluDri:

        •  Remove washed clothes from front load washer.
        •  Place BluDri flat in drum of washer – BluDri beads will be blue in color.
 •  Close washer door. BluDri will absorb and reduce moisture. mold in washing machine
        •  BluDri beads will become pink in color.
        •  The longer BluDri stays in washer, the better the absorption.  Best results when left overnight. 
 Remove before next wash.

Regenerating BluDri:
  • •  BluDri becomes pink, it must be “regenerated” – moisture removed for reuse.
  • •  Place pink BluDri in microwave oven. (Do not place on metal rack, paper towel, paper plate, or plastic cookware. BluDri should be placed on cleaned glass turntable or glass plate.)  Heat for 3-4 minutes.
  • •  BluDri will become blue again as moisture is removed. no mold in front load washer   
  • •  Remove from microwave and either place in wet washer or store BluDri in sealed bag until needed.