Zottel Troll Doll with Blue Hair and Child Zottel

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Award winning Artist Susanne Wetzel breathes life into each of her unique seamless hand-felted dolls and stuffed animals that are simply irresistible. These charming, whimsical and magical Zottel Troll Dolls are only bluffing when they try to frighten. Perfectly sized for cuddling in the arms of children or adults alike, each Viecheria figure comes ready for adventure and some harmless mischief.

Winner of the 2002 art prize of the "Koppel 66" in Hamburg and the 2007 Max-Oscar-Arnold art award for the best doll at the international puppet festival in Coburg, each Viecheria creation is entirely handmade by Susanne Wetzel in Germany through a secret labor intensive felting process to exacting Germany Eco standards that results in a felted figure without seems. Each of these safe high quality figures is so sturdy that it cannot be pulled apart even when considerable force is applied. Viecheria dolls are perfect if you are looking for a durable, machine washable (in wool setting), high quality, one of a kind gift that will be appreciated and loved by the receiver.

Quantities are very limited, so don't delay in ordering yours today. Includes 1 handcrafted Zottel Doll with Child Zottel Doll.
Approximately 16 inches in length. Made in Germany of 100% German wool with garnet eyes securely fastened with jeweler's wire. Images used are for illustration purposes only, as each doll is a "one of a kind" handcrafted piece of art with no two dolls exactly alike.