Otto Wooden Fan O-008 distributed by Swizz-Style

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Otto, the sylvan chic wooden fan.

Crafted from steel and oiled African sapele wood, Otto embraces modern contemporary style with the warm natural textures of wood. Sapele is a tropical wood native to Africa. The wood has deep warm siennas and a fine grain that rivals mahogany, yet it is durable and strong enough for everyday use. This stylish wooden fan is oiled twice to further accent the beautiful smooth wood grain. Otto fan with its 3 speed settings is right for any temperature!

The Swizz-Style Otto fan is whisper quiet even as he kicks up a wind on balmy summery days. Developed by Stadler Form and designed by Swiss artist Carlo Borer, this wooden fan blends beautiful form with function.

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Otto wooden fan side viewOtto Wooden Fan Side View


  • Rated power: 45 Watt

  • Dimensions: 13.7 W x 14.8 H x 7.2" D

  • Weight: 9.4 lbs

  • 3 settings

    • Speed 1: 583 rpm - 5,900 ft (1,800 m) per hour - 34.7 dB
    • Speed 2: 743 rpm - 7,050 ft (2,160 m) per hour - 38.3 dB
    • Speed 3: 1045 rpm - 8,265 ft (2,520 m) per hour - 48.2 dB

  • Crafted from smooth grain African sapele wood


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Otto Wooden Fan O-008 distributed by Swizz-Style
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